Two Thousand Five

She was forty and
still beautiful with
sweet children and days
long in busy dreams
nights settled
fires, home

She was forty when
the lies knocked
sweet children betrayed
pretense of love
nights torn
fears, outside

She was forty two and
still cute but blind
sweet children so strong
make it right
try again
friend, rival

She was forty more
the truth enraged
sweet teens resilient
not this again
her shame
forced, fall

She is fifty gone
the beauty inside
sweet children grown
seventeen years
their dreams now
wait and watch
solo, free

Run Empty Toward Love

I’m sitting in the dirt again
stunned like a child tripping
dusty shoes straight out in front,
crumpled socks, tear in my skirt, unsurprised

You’re there in the distance
off the dry path and in the meadow, waiting near the clearing,
always at the trysting place.

The tiniest wildflowers catch my eye
I know my steps will trample them, unsuspecting in their obedience to the sun and your design

Torn between the mess of me
and safety of you. When I stare
at your heart I can no longer stay.
Dusted and bruised I run
empty toward love.

Beyond Your Eyes

If anything is proof
of spirit beyond flesh,
it’s in your eyes
across three decades.
soul to soul.
I remember now.

When turbulence settles
and calm arrives,
my age is subtle
older, wiser, grateful.
breath to breath.
How we laugh now.

Even if I’m a fool
to gaze into the grey,
it’s worth the risk
beyond crafted words.
thought to thought.
You’ve seen me now.

(c) 2020